HeadshotThis blog is all about real estate. What works, what doesn’t work, market conditions, industry regulations, title and escrow services, regulatory compliance, technology, leadership, building teams, and delivering a superior customer experience that will exceed your expectations. I have helped merge and grow companies, build great teams, create successful long-term strategies, worked closely with clients to solve big challenges and helped create companies where employees thrive and love to come to work. From both things that have worked and failed, I want to use this blog to discuss and discover new ideas that can help us all be better stewards of the real estate industry.  The real estate industry provides an incredibly important service in helping grow the economy, provide homes for families and jobs for a large part of our economy. But much change is coming in the near future in the form of new technologies, more regulatory oversight, protection of private information and new ways of doing business with buyers, sellers, and borrowers.

David Tandy has more than 35 years of experience managing real estate and technology companies. He is passionate about creating a learning environment, empowering associates to unleash their best.